Deep learning infrastructure made simple.

PigeonsAI is an end-to-end deep learning platform for the everyday developer.
We simplify training and deployment to get you from idea to production quickly.

We provide a straightforward path to AI adoption.

PigeonsAI's SDK is designed for both novices and seasoned ML teams, simplifying model deployment and offering advanced customization for experts.

Data Ingestion

Real time ingestion from popular data sources like Postgres, MySQL, MongoDB, Snowflake.


Automated compute orchestration for model training and versioning


Serverless inference, allowing replicas to scale in seconds.

Recommendation Models:

- Session-based Transformers for sequential recommendations- SOTA Variational Autoencoders (VAEs) for collabritive filtering- Context-aware hybrid models combining user interactions with user and item metadata
Verticals:Marketplaces: Propel sales with personalized product suggestions.
Music/Video Streaming: Curate captivating watchlists to keep viewers immersed.

Social Media: Foster community by aligning content with user preference.

More accurate than linear models and competitors
Under 100ms prediction time
More throughout than base Python
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For More Details Book a Demo...

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State of the art performance in the most business critical deep learning use cases with no DevOps.

1      from pigeonsai import Skyrun
3      Skyrun.init("ContentBasedRecommender")
5      data_path = "s3://mybucket/data/profiles.csv"
6      model_name = "social_app_recommender"
7      lr = 2e-4
8      weight_decay = 2e-5
9      epochs = 248
11     Skyrun.train(data_path, model_name, lr, weight_decay, epochs)
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Learn how businesses and entire industries are transforming with the innovations in machine learning and AI.

Financial Services

fraud detection, risk monitoring, transaction analysis, and more.


Personalized feeds based on user behavior or recommending frequently purchased together.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Anomaly detection for IoT, Energy, Biotech, Manufacturing, and others.

Music & Video Streaming

Recommended songs/videos like TikTok, Youtube and Spotify.


Recommendations & Fraud detection for transactions and off marketplace activity.

Social Apps

For you feeds, similar profiles and NLP based sentiment analysis on posts.

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